Brian Sims is a father, husband, brother, son, and equally a leader. Some believe leaders are born, but Brian believes leaders are developed through experiences aligned with passion.

As the son of two career scientists, Brian gained an appreciation for critical thinking and problem solving at an early age. He further developed his ability to balance hard work, good sportsmanship, and academics at the University of Delaware where he graduated in May 2005 with a degree in Finance.

After pursing various professional interests, Brian found his passion in healthcare policy. It is, in this profession, where his philosophy that every person, regardless of where you live, should have the ability to live healthy lives; this begins with equitable practices, policy and access to the resources necessary to thrive.

“As a resident of Baltimore City, it is hard to ignore so many of the historical economic and systemic issues around health that have had an impact on the people of Baltimore. It is my belief that improved health conditions are a sign of a changing and improving society.”

Brian Sims

Though not a native of Baltimore, Brian draws roots from the South like many Baltimoreans. Born in Mississippi, and growing up in Southern Maryland, Baltimore was a town of definite unfamiliarity. After working in the City for 5 years and connecting with the uniqueness and charm of the metropolitan area, he moved to West Baltimore in 2012. After getting married and becoming a new parent, his awareness of the needs of families in Baltimore became direct and relatable.

In April 2015, Brian and his wife, Angela, were expecting the birth of their first child. Though this should have been a joyous time for the Sims, the unfortunate events that were unfolding in Baltimore stemming from the arrest and death of Freddie Gray were an indictment of decades of bad public policy, social injustice, inequity and deficiency of concern for our poor and most vulnerable citizens. This was not simply a flash in the pan event, it was a situation that had been brewing for generations.

Discriminatory housing policy, the war on drugs, and fleeing industries have dismantled and broken many families in Baltimore. Many cities across the country face some of the same problems that led to the unrest

“My family and I understand our privilege in being able to choose to live in Baltimore City, and to do so without the pain of past experiences that many of those from Baltimore have endured.”

Brian Sims

In the spring of 2015, the Sims gave birth to a son on April 28; the night the unrest was at its peak. The reality of bringing a child into this world with so much turmoil and in a city where so many of its children would be born in an environment with unmet needs, was a sobering one. 

For Brian and Angela, the mixed emotions of April 2015 hardened their resolve to do something meaningful, and to not only be another voice in the wind, but to give back in a way that was possibly outside of their comfort zone.

Since that time, they have founded a non-profit bringing connections of existing organizations to the needs of Baltimore families, sat on various non-profit boards throughout the City, and support community events and activities. You may see them at any one of the local YMCAs, riding bikes on the Big Jump to local eateries, grabbing coffee at Dovecote Cafe, or pitching in to help where needed around the city.  

“We have now arrived at the start of a new decade and it’s time for leaders to develop equitable solutions to address the needs of all of Baltimore’s residents. I want to bring my leadership to the 7th district and make it a model district.”

Brian Sims

Drawing from his past and current experiences, Brian wants to work with the residents and organizations of the 7th district to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems of greatest concern to the communities.

As City Councilperson for Baltimore City’s 7th district, Brian would be a student and not always a teacher, a listener and not always a speaker, and ultimately, a humble servant seeking to serve the people of Baltimore.