Equity. Access. SAFETY.


Generations of inequitable public policies and practices have led to systemic issues of poverty, unemployment and crime.

  • I will employ a process that assesses policies and priorities with an equity lens which will provide opportunities for all, not just a few.
  • I will work to ensure comprehensive community needs assessments are used to develop sustainable solutions addressing past missed opportunities.


Communities thrive when its residents can readily access resources necessary for a high quality of life.

  • I will support efforts to make life-enhancing choices such as affordable housing, quality transportation, and healthy food options the easy and accessible choice for all.
  • I will seek to preserve and enhance our public places and spaces which enrich our community and foster neighborly connections.


Violence is a public health crisis.

  • Not only will I work to address crime in all of its forms, but will also prioritize addressing the root causes of crime.
  • I will seek to identify and implement innovative and proven solutions to crime that integrate a public health approach.
  • I will prioritize opportunities for those re-entering society to break the cycle of violence.